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Mentor Film Producing


Niels Eixler


„Every beginning has its own magic“ (from Steps, Hermann Hesse 1941)

Niels Eixler likes to tell stories and he likes blank sheets. “This is the best start for inspiration you can get“ – he says. “When i came to Kwetu, it was a great honour for me to be a part of this unique story – to train and develop media designers.“

Niels Eixler was born 1965 in Germany. He studied Journalism, German Philology and Theatre Studies at the Free University in Berlin. His stages of career are various:

He began as a reporter for the first TV-morning show in Germany (RIAS TV), meanwhile he acquired experience in different filmprojects: as a floor manager, in front of the camera and developing broadcasting concepts, strategies and tv-formats of current TV-Shows. In 1995 he became Head of the On Air Promotion of Deutsche Welle TV. As the Founder and Creative Director he was in charge of the station identity of the German international broadcaster.

5 years later he focused on producing award-winning documentaries. His latest very successful film dealt with the Football World Cup final 2014 in Rio: „Your Final“ is about people watching football worldwide.


His career as a media trainer began 2008 with a workshop in a juvenile prison in Berlin Lichtenberg & Plötzensee including the theatre project „East-Westsidestory“. Since 2009 he worked for a whole range of different mediadevelopement-workshops from the DW Akademie worldwide.

„Before I came to Kwetu, I finished a extraordinary project with young Syrian journalists in exile. We developed a 30 minutes kids TV-programme for children in refugee camps. After 4 months of hard work, the Syrian colleagues started „yalla nehna“, today it runs twice a week independently.“


One of Niels’ biggest passions is football. No wonder that he developed a gripping weekly footballshow for Deutsche Welle TV as well. www.dw.de/kickoff

„This winter Kick Off! will become 10 years old, yet every show is like the first, because every match has its own magic…“ he smiles.


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