Documentary workshop team

November 27th, 2014 to December 17th, 2014

The second RMP basic film producing workshop was adressed to begginers with little working experience in the audiovisual field, who want to start a career in documentary filmmaking.

The participants were taught basic class technique and art of documentary filmmaking. They were involved in the camera-department, the sound-department, editing and production – with 3 short films produced at the end of the workshop. The mentors (Dietmar KLAUS was the mentor of editing, Shaheen DILL-RIAZ was the Camera and directing mentor, Rainer SCHWARTE was the sound mentor and Mark SYILAGYI the producing mentor) were happy with the films.

The three student Directors (Udahemuka Louis, Nyabyenda Jean Baptiste and Victor Kagimba expressed their appreciation for the workshop and the joy that they were able to direct their first short documentary film.



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