May 5, 2014 to May 23, 2014

The first RMP basic film producing workshop is addressed to beginners with little working experience in the audiovisual field, who want to start a career in film and audiovisual production.

Within three weeks the students get basic knowledge of film production, skills and tasks of a producer, line producer and production manager. Through lectures the students will study the 4 phases of film production and implement their knowledge in class exercises.

The Lectures:

  1. 1. Script Development explains the development of a script throughout synopsis and treatment. It explains the principles of an editorial report and shows the possibilities of financing.
  2. 2. Project Development/Packing explains the marketing planning and packaging. Students will learn how to schedule, budget and finance a film, to recruit a crew and to prepare a shooting.
  3. 3. Shooting and Postproduction gives an overview on the processes and in-depth view by examples and screenings of films with the topic film production and montage.
  4. 4. Marketing and Distribution explains the mechanism of markets and distribution channels and how to compete

The Exercises:

  1. 1. Script Development: the students learn to write a film synopsis and develop a financing strategy
  2. 2. Project Development:  implementing their knowledge from the lectures, the student will develop a marketing plan, packaging, schedule and budget for their chosen project and prepare the shooting
  3. 3. Shooting and editing of a short-documentary
  4. 4. Presentation and evaluation:  The students present their projects and deliver work samples for the different phases, which will be evaluated by the lecturers


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