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Media Designers Wanted – Apply now!!!

By Kwetu editor
posted on: 2016/04/22

13072123_973424422726433_1760743595_oFor the next intake of media designers trained by the DW Akademie at the Kwetu Film Institute from 2016 – 2018, we are now seeking 15 students who are highly motivated and willing to commit to a two year full time training program, in which they will be intensely trained on high standard technical equipment.

Young women are especially encouraged to apply for the program!


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Since August 2014, the DW Akademie has been offering a two year full time technical and vocational training (TVET) for the professional profile of “Media Designer”. The training takes place at the Kwetu Film Institute and is based on the German technical and vocational educational training program. The TVET program is a hands-on training in camera, sound and editing. It qualifies alumni after graduating to work in different fields of TV and film production.
Our first generation of Media Designers will graduate in July 2016. The students specialized in different technical courses in media. The students participated in different productions to practice and enhance their skills. They are very excited to start offering their contribution to the Media sector in Rwanda.
Kamikazi Mpyisi – one of the female media designer students shared her experience:


13073001_973424432726432_1494899673_oI really didn’t know anything about camera, editing and all of the technical things in media or films. I only had the passion for that since I was young. The challenge was being a girl, when you know some people think that we are not so good at technical things. I was worried a bit as we were only 2 girls in class at the beginning. The mentors taught us from basics and they never made anyone feel inferior just because he/she didn’t know something very simple, that encouraged me.  As a girl sometimes you have to work harder so that you can prove yourself a bit more. Last time in the theory exam I was at the top of the class. It makes me feel like there is no difference between me and boys. It’s always a hard work which pays of in the end. I am finishing this media design course now but learning never ends, each day has it’s own lesson and things change day by day, so I have to keep on being up to date. ” Kamikazi Mpyisi.



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Dickson Dukundimana – one of the other media designer students shared his experience:


0057646bf09b0772cc31a6635d6ef992Before I came to study here to Kwetu Film Institute in the media designer course, I tried to make sure that I join the right school. The truth is that the class was very intense and helpful; so far I got knowledge that will open doors for me in the future. I know it’s my time now to keep on improving my career by working hard and get more experience. I am among those ones who think that the Rwandan media industry needs me, and I am ready to give my contribution as I am in the position to do so. I want to take this time to thank the people who made the Rwanda Media Project possible and successful because personally I think they did it for people like me. “ Dickson Dukundimana



To check on what media designers produced, visit our YouTube channel



If you have any questions or require assistance with the application you may call 0784127767 or come by our office at the Kwetu Film Institute on Thursdays and Fridays between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM