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By Kwetu editor
posted on: 2015/05/22

FMX is the leading European conference on animation, visual effects, games and transmedia celebrating it’s 20 anniversary. The conference is organized by the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg´s department of Animation and visual effects.

Idriss Byiringiro and Mark Szilagyi in Stuttgart

Idriss Byiringiro and Mark Szilagyi in Stuttgart

In accordance to his discipline, good  performance and his interest in visual effects –  Idriss Byiringiro Gasana, Kwetu media  designer was given a chance to attend this  conference and visited the Filmacademie  Baden-Wuerttemberg by the school.

Idriss accompanied Mark Szilagyi,  Development Advisor for Cultural and Creative  Industries at Kwetu (a former student of the  Filmakademie) on an official trip for the  German Cooperation (GIZ).

The trip is aimed to bring in experts on game  development and tourism apps to Kigali. To  bring together Rwanda’s IT, film and media  industries to become one creative sector.


FMX conference

Idriss participated in a 1 day shooting of the short film ”Peter Under Wolf” done by the Filmakademie’s students.

Idriss said” I really enjoyed my trip in Stuttgart, meeting these students meant a lot to me. They showed me how films are made in studios.

They are well organized and they work very hard. After their studies, they want to be capable to compete with the professionals who are already out there.

This is what we are trying to do as well here. We should definitely visit other places, it is inspiring and encouraging.”


Idriss Gasana Byiringiro-KFI Media designer