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Getting an inside view on the Basic Film Producing Workshop – Part II

By Kwetu editor
posted on: 2014/05/30

The following interviews are examples of the great time the participants had during the three weeks of workshop. They told us what they have learned and which experiences they have made.

Jean Baptiste Nyabyenda (left) said that the three weeks of workshop have been an enlightment for him. He thought he already knew how to make a film: „You have an idea, you take a camera and you shoot.“ But now he knows how much more it takes to produce a film, especially if you want it to be professional. The pitching lessons taught him how it is possbile to gain support for a project. Before this workshop he only had an idea about this process. Now he knows how he has to work to make pitch convincing and therefore successful.
Jean Baptiste admits that at the start of the workshop he knew little about production or pre-production and the preparations required. He thaught he could do everything – from producer to writer or cameraman. Now he understands that you need a great team to produce a film in a good quality. And that this is the professional way of working: „When I came here in the beginning, I was on level 0 when it comes to knowledge of film production. But when the three weeks will be over, I will be on level 10.“, said Jean Baptiste.

All the confussions he had before are now solved because of the great work of the Mentors. They explained and thought them step by step what producing a film means and requires.

„What really matters is the commitment and passion“, concluded Jean Baptiste.


Ceke Mathenge admitts (above) that she did not expect a workshop on basic film production to be so creative. She thought it would be more difficult. But now she is even considering to work in this field. In the three weeks of the workshop she gained more experience and information then she expected: „Now it would be possible for me to go and get a founding for my film because I learned how it is done.“

She also was impressed how well prepared both Mentors have always been and of the amount of ressources they provided (texbooks, handouts etc.). Ceke called the Mentors excellent in their interaction with the students. Even saying that they were more friends than teachers.

Cekes stated that her expectations of the workshop all met and have gone even further. She really enjoyed herself and is sad that it is over.

Munderere Viateur (left) had already some training at the Kwetu Film Institute. But he had not visit a workshop on film producing before. For him it was a challenge how to organise and prepare his own film project and even to get support for it. He was once part of a Hollywood production, which shot in Kigali. At this time he did not understand what all the people were doing at the film set. Now after the workshop he realised that the big job is the preparation before the shooting and the postproduction. „A good preparation before starting with the shooting is essential“, he said.

During the three weeks of the workshop he learned how to organise a crew and how to work in a team: „Before it was all me. I wanted to do everything.“ But now he knows how important it is to listen to others and to have different opinions. Teamwork was an essential experience for Munderere Viateur, which he took from the workshop.