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Getting an inside view on the Basic Film Producing Workshop – Part I

By Kwetu editor
posted on: 2014/05/30

The Basic Film Producing Workshop may be over. But we had the chance to do some great interviews with Mentors and students.

For Mentor Professor Klaus Keil (left) the past few weeks flied by in no time. He is impressed how much and how fast the students learned.

He is thrilled of the work ethic, which was shown by the students of the workshop: „They were always on time and present, quick, asked many questions and were very interested.“.

He admitts that he was surprised by all this positive work attitude. It became a pleasure for him and fellow Mentor Eva Klemme to work and teach this extraordinary group of students at the workshop.

He also said that the Kwetu Film Institute created a good environment for learning and teaching. In an interview Professor Klaus Keil has described Eric Kabera as the brain and Jacques Rutabingwa as the heart of the Kwetu Film Institute.




We also asked the second Mentor Eva Klemme about the experiences she made during the workshop.

She was surprised how great and uncomplicated everybody has worked together in the different teams: „There are no hierarchies; everybodies opinions and views count. They work very loyal and cooperative together.“ The students discussed everything with each other. No decision was made without coming to an arrangement. This positive work attitude impressed Mentor Eva Klemme a lot and she enjoyed it very much to work with the participants of the workshop.